Things To Know

27 05 2009

First of all, I can’t post the video I waas going to do for 2 days do to a minor problem.

second pictures I am going to post will also be delayed do to the downloading of Star Treck.

third I am looking for an auther. I posted this in some bloges on a comment:


                                         Not Able To Show



Sorry but the comment was the rule list:

  1. post every week atleast once acept for a couple of time or a good reason
  2. I Have tobe on your blogroll
  3. you must have 1,000 hits or more.

comment here if you want to be an auther leave a link to your site.


Info you need to Know is that my Runescape acount is dgn99 and my club penguin acount is agian dgn99.

I go  to worl 3 on runescape and the server tundra on club penguin.

I live in Germany so all partys will be in the morning.

once we get to 1,000 hits i will have a party.





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