31 03 2010

I need help geting hits up. I would like for you to start refering people here if you do i  will add your name and link to the list:


Then tomorow I will Post the list on mulyiple web sites.


Video: The Annoying Orange 3

29 03 2010

I am begining to delete penguin pages, I also am starting to randomly post videos.

Yuo can expect seeing Chad Vader showing.


27 03 2010

As everyone that comes here lnows I havn’t posted for a while. Well, as some of the famous people are I am no longer into club penguin.

Well I have come back and am now posting about entertainment to start of I am postin the The Annoying Orange

I hope you like it Jib Jab created most of the food videos I will show



4 07 2009

Please join my Army. We will once a mounth have meetings and once a year have command switch.

here are the ranks you can make:

 (1 person) Presadent:Dgn99

 (1 person)Leader: None

(5 peaple) councile:None

(25 peaple) Speacal squad: None

(*** peaple)  Solders

leader is the council leader and back up if I’m gone, Auther of the blog and  2nd comand of the entire army.

Each councile member is the leader of a 5 man team of speacal opratives.

solders are the armt and have no command only influence.

please join the army.

Cheat Page

4 07 2009

I am making new funny pictures and a new club penguin cheat page later.


2 07 2009

WOW!!  I have gotten more hits just thiss week then I have the last three Mounths! Well keep visiting but I will be slowing down on post due to vaction and my grandparents ariving today but I will try to keep up.

I will leave you in charge if you click here and enter the form. go fast first come first serve. and the peaple how enter will for free be added to my blogroll.


2 07 2009

Today I loged on Club Penguin and decided to go to the box demention and when I was there i relized it was still decorated for the afventure party log on and look!